Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven Reasons why

Seven reasons to have your HVAC systems inspected yearly.

1)      You accomplish compliance with California Title 8, Sub-Chapter 7 – HVAC Operation, Inspections and Maintenance.

2) You don’t have to scramble to make records available within 48 hours when someone requests them.

3)      Inspections are relatively inexpensive and give you peace of mind.

4)      Potential problems can be spotted and addressed before they become big problems or at least budgeted for.

5)      Employees’, students' or tenants' perceptions of the indoor air quality will be maintained as positive or improved.

6)      With sufficient airflow and adequate outside air, there is more oxygen and less carbon dioxide keeping employees or students or tenants more alert and increasing productivity and/or comfort.

7)      Yearly inspections demonstrate due diligence for health and legal issues.

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