Friday, November 3, 2017

Are mold testing kits useful?

Mold testing Kits!

Mold testing kits are advertised all over the web.  You will find that most of them are worthless.  The ones that send you a culture plate to be sat in strategic locations inside the house will give you skewed results.  More of the larger and heavier spores will fall out of the air onto the culture.  The small, more easily airborne spores are likely to be more poorly represented.  Also some molds will grow better on particular culture media than on others.  You can therefore get both false positives and false negatives.  Plus keep in mind that mold spores are virtually everywhere.  So what will this culturing effort tell you?

If you use another, possibly more effective test kit.  What do you do when you get the laboratory results back?  Unless you work in the field of microbiology, mycology or indoor air quality, you are not likely to understand the significance of the lab report. 

What I offer is something a bit different.  It is a bit more expensive, but the data will be useable.  I send you the materials with step by step instructions of how to take a sample.  You send the sample(s) back to me.  I have them analyzed by an independent laboratory and receive the lab results.  I take the lab results and generate my own report that explains the significance of the results.  If you provide photographs or other information, I will incorporate that data in with the report, discuss what this data implies and make recommendations as possible based upon the data to hand.

If you are more concerned about what might be in the settled dust that accumulates on surfaces, we can do a similar evaluation of the dust content along with instructions on how to take such samples and the significance of the findings.


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